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Example yacht composite structures designFree-of-charge consultancy…

Sea-cubed’s grp design, manufacturing, construction and project management experience gives us the tools to provide you with exactly the help needed to make composite materials the right choice for your project.

Our aim is just the right level of innovative solutions such that your project runs more smoothly but not so much that it is capsized by lateral thinking!

Gilly Fox working at grp design station


Our approach is slightly different to that of our competitors. In particular, we offer initial grp design, initial composite materials selection and design for manufacturing guidance services usually free-of-charge and always without obligation.



Why without obligation?

Baluster grp design CAD drawingDesign

Our approach to grp design varies according to the knowledge and experience that each enquiring customer has in specifying composite materials. We follow Sea-cubed’s7-point plan, which umbrellas all aspects of the design cycle and identifies exactly where each potential client is in it.

Sea-cubed has considerable design skills in yacht composite structures as well as experience of designing for other industry sectors such as construction, media structures and renewable energies. Composite material design is complex, however, so we partner with a number of specialists - ranging from materials science experts to America’s Cup designers - according to the needs of each project.

So, whether it’s traditional yacht composite structures, carbon composite structure or the latest carbon fibre robotic structures you need designing, Sea-cubed is your first port-of-call.

Turbine blade grp designInnovation

Sea-cubed has experience of innovative techniques for tooling, the application of finishes, reducing cycle times to improve competitiveness, and the application of state-of-the-art materials - such as carbon composite structure - to improve old problems.

The track records of both Gilly Fox and John Lambert are littered with innovative solutions such as racing yacht developments that have won SMART awards; wind turbine blade manufacturing techniques; mast manufacturing techniques; construction industry products; and new approaches to climate control in public buildings.

Materials selection samples


We pride ourselves that while we try to add value to customers’ projects through our innovative thinking and wide materials experience, we don’t go ‘outside the box’ to the point where the foundations of an idea are questioned.

Our remit is simple; to add value to help our customers achieve their goals.

...thinking outside the box...inside the box! Design and manufacture of composite material products