composite manufacturing, curing and finishing...

Composite manufacturing

The manufacturing expertise of Sea-cubed covers all of the principal processes in low to medium volume composite manufacturing including...

The high risk nature of composite manufacturing has led to an industry characterised by companies only comfortable with one process or material. Our wide experience enables us not only to identify the best combination of materials for your project but also to promote the most appropriate - and therefore 'lean' - manufacturing process, rather than the process which presents the least risk for us.

Example pressure vessel surfaceLaying-up

Our approach to laying-up varies according to the manufacturing process. In all instances we prefer to rely on our good quality control and stability of the processes to ensure that each 'cycle' of laying-up is as large as feasible. We then pass on the economies gained from this straight back to the customer.

Cooks and cures

Our cooking and curing processes benefit from climate-controlled ovens with constant real-time temperature and humidity monitoring. Dry air feeds are used for resin infusion and all vacuum assisted cooks and cures to avoid the problems associated with low vacuum pressures vaporising the moisture content trapped in laminates. Ramp and dwell times are automatically recorded as part of our quality control procedures.

System for monitoring high temperature curingExample of composite finishingFinishing

One of the advantages of composite materials is the wide range of finishing options available. We can provide the full range of choices from raw laminate and peel-ply finishes through to moulded finishes or the full 'superyacht' fill, fair and paint. We spray primers, base coats and high build layers in-house but subcontract final top-coat spraying to our preferred subcontractor, Blue Fin Yacht Fairing, to ensure the highest qualities of finish at the most cost-effective prices.

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