glass fibre and grp mouldings    

Carbon fibre manifold example of marine grp mouldingsTooling methods

Compared with most industrial grp mouldings suppliers, Sea-cubed offers you greater flexibility, less ‘tie-ins’ and more tooling options than most. Whether it is marine grp mouldings, industrial grp mouldings, boat industry grp mouldings or aero industry composite tooling you require, Sea-cubed can provide the right solution for all glass fibre mouldings uk wide and internationally.

Many composite materials tooling companies are tied in to their perception of the lowest risk method. For example, with boat industry grp mouldings or any boatbuilders’ composite tooling, the method is often dictated by the track record of the yard involved. For your project, Sea-cubed will apply a rigorous analysis of the project requirements and recommend any one, or a combination, of the following...

Manufacturing plugs for industrial grp mouldingsPlug making

To improve cost-effectiveness, Sea-cubed has developed alternative tooling methods to CNC - based on techniques developed by NASA - offering far greater value-for-money for low to medium volume production runs.


CNC has become the preferred master tooling option for many industrial grp mouldings suppliers. However, we find it is only cost-effective for higher volume production runs or geometrically complex industrial grp mouldings. When we do use CNC tooling, we stick to preferred subcontractors to ensure the right tool paths, reductions, choice of tooling block, dimensional accuracy and schedule adherence are all maintained.

Vacuum bag manufacture of composite materials tooling


Our experience in composite materials tooling enables us to correctly match the mould surface material and mould structure to the chosen material and performance requirements of the product in terms of thermal expansion and dimensional tolerances. Moulds are owned by the customer, leaving them free to compete manufacturing costs with our competitors at any stage.

Tool protection

Many grp mouldings suppliers deliberately ignore the difficulties of storage and protection of tools when not in use. Because we value our long-term relationships with all customers, we define all storage conditions at the outset. This ensures your moulds are kept in the right condition at the right cost for future use.

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