grp in sculpture and media structures   

Media and entertainments structuresMedia structures – including entertainments structures, film, theatre and concert sets, and large public space structures – are one sector where the grey area between sculpture and engineered structure can often create difficulties. These structures are usually inspired and conceived in the arts and entertainments industries and in many cases will include free flowing shapes, sculpted surfaces, articulation and modern patterns.

GRP and other composite materials readily lend themselves to these applications given their ease of construction, light weight, variety of good surface finishes, fire resistance, and the fact that the only limitation on form, colour and design is in the mind of the designer!

Recent developments in tooling techniques also mean that moulding GRP for custom structures has become much more cost-effective.

The problems lie in the specification and structural engineering of GRP, as few media structures’ designers have the skills or resources to even begin down this route.

GRP strawberry in open space design

Sea-cubed offers a full range of design services and manufacturing facilities intended to assist. We have developed a slightly different approach that is designed to overcome the traditional difficulties designers and engineers have in specifying composites. Our consultancy services are structured in a unique way to be flexible - depending on where you are in the composite design spiral - and are usually free-of-charge. We also make sure that customers are not unnecessarily tied in to us and include our unique materials selection processes to define the right materials and manufacturing processes for your project.

…..and, unlike our competitors, if composites are not the right material, we’ll tell you so!

From a manufacturing point-of-view, Sea-cubed’s expertise ranges from traditional plasters to fibrous plasters, polymer concretes and grp. This means that we will specify the right process and material for your problem, rather than simply the process we are best at!

GRP canopy in open space designAt Sea-cubed we also understand the single thing that separates media structures from all other sectors; the deadlines. Adherence to schedule is a key for us in this sector and we use our flexible approach to make sure that while other things may change, the deadline can’t.

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