marine / yacht composite manufacturing and repair    

Invisible yacht grp repairTradition for marine industry composite parts

Marine grp products are the sector with the longest history for fibreglass manufacturing. Customers, particularly for yacht composites and yacht grp repair, tend to know exactly which materials and manufacturing processes they require. However, there is also a great deal of inappropriate composite work done by fibreglass boat manufacturers due to narrow skills resources and a slow take-up of new techniques. This, and the high risk nature of composite manufacturing, has led to an industry characterised by boatyards only comfortable with one process or material.

The manufacturing expertise of Sea-cubed covers all of the principal processes in low to medium volume composite manufacturing including...

Deck edge moulding shows marine industry composite parts

Our wide experience enables us not only to identify the best combination of materials for your project but also to promote the most appropriate - and therefore 'lean' - manufacturing process; rather than the process which presents the least risk for us. Therefore, whether it is simple yacht composite component repair or complex yacht composite structures, Sea-cubed has the solution for your project.

Yacht compositesWaterside location

A move is planned to a 3,000sq.ft. waterside manufacturing facility on the Fal Estuary which will be sufficient to operate with an efficient workforce of up to 20 people. This will provide Sea-cubed with the ideal operating base to manufacturer marine industry composite parts and yacht composite structures.

Equipment includes an 8m x 4m laminating table and over 40sq.m. of modular oven space, set up for production flexibility. To keep overheads down and remain competitive, it is not intended to maintain a covered facility suitable for yachts over forty feet. However, directly adjacent to the planned facilities there is sufficient hard-standing and waterside access for large projects for which temporary cover can be provided. The waterside location provides access for on-the-water boat grp repair work on large vessels and will mean that Sea-cubed can service the yacht grp repair and yacht composite component repair needs for customers requiring fiber glass Plymouth, Falmouth, Cornwall, Devon and other UK South Coast maritime centres.

Marine grp products for high performance canoeing...and considerable marine experience

Whether you need America’s Cup design resources, a naval architect, hands-on sea experience, racing yacht composites builders or national standard sailors, Sea-cubed has the heritage and means to answer your project’s needs. It is no coincidence that the company is based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK; a large maritime hub but also a low cost-base centre that enables the company to maintain its competitiveness.

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